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Forewarned is Forearmed,
An annuity is an excellent Retirement Tool!

Besides the traditional benefits of having an annuity set up to draw from in your retirement, an annuity is protection from a some what uncertain future.

Americans are growing older and longer, you will be able to set up an annuity with your plan administrator that will sustain you past many of your peers. Your planning now, will help avoid the fact that:

  • In 2005 when the Social Security Administration, reviewed the nation’s Social Security trust fund assets, the Administration found that the assets would be exhausted by 2041. (Source: Social Security Administration, 2005)
  • Fewer and fewer companies offer “true pension” programs to employees and those that do when taken as a whole are under-funded by $450 Billion (Source: Time Magazine - "The Really Troubled Program" 1/4/2005)

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Also to help make annuity financial decision of length and pay our use our annuity calculator!

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